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Singer Environmental Inc. We pride ourself in our participation in state of the art application of advanced technologies to everyday problems facing the world in the areas of water treatmen, distribution, wastewater treatment and collection.

High return on investment projects allow us to leverage the limited environmental dollars available to produce the highest environmental quality possible.

Projects include

•          Water / Wastewater Automation

•         Plant design

•         Optimization

•         Troubleshooting

•         Advanced treatment technology applications

•         Cutting edge development

We also pride ourselves in the ability to bring down to earth advanced technical solutions to the operations level.

Singer Environmental Inc.has been very active with US Government departments as well as local government agencies in assessing the security and threat levels at various sensitive treatment facilities throughout the world.


Our mission is to remain the   technology leader in   developing the most   effective support systems   for the water and   wastewater industries.

•         We   will continue to focus on   practical applications while   developing production   enhancements and cost   saving tools.  

•         We are a full service   company with the goal of   maintaining ongoing service   relationships.

•         We supply   more than products: we   provide confidence,   reliability, and ongoing   expert assistance.  



•         We believe strongly that the key for a better world lies in the utilization of rapidly emerging technologies, applied in a creative cutting edge exponential manner equally and fairly to all of the world’s peoples.

•         We believe that sustainable concepts are required components of the world’s present and future populations. 

•         We believe that every human regardless of circumstances, are equal shareholders in the human experience who deserve an equal share of our magnificent opportunities.

•         An equal share, as determined by their basic human  rights proportioned as one equal part of the world’s population.



•       Founded

October 1987, now more than  25 years of experience

•       Focus

Singer Environmental Inc. is a science based environmental consulting firm. 

•       Clients

Singer Environmental Inc. has over 200 clients throughout the world

•       Market

Our clients list includes a broad range of municipalities throughout the  USA as well as Spain, Argentina and other Countries

•       Expansion

While   primarily operating in the   Midwest, Singer Environmental   also has national and   international clients.  


Our clients are composed of organizations and most importantly, people, who share in our vision, not only in their words but importantly in the manner in which all peoples express themselves. In their everyday work, struggles and respectful manner in which they conduct their lives, maintain their families and partake in their communities.


SINGER ENVIRONMENTAL INC IS A DREAM based on providing a sustainable  social balance utilizing advanced technology as the catalyst.

Singer Environmental Inc. believes that the exponential growth of hardware and the “internet of things”  (IoT) will quickly surpass the non-exponential growth capabilities if the human mind. In order to take advantage of this form of technological capacity we have begun development of “wisdom based” or “Wise” models. Models which not only collect unfathomable amounts of data, but also do so at the speed of light. Then, and very importantly, the database is mined and analytics are applied to allow the next step of decisions and actions based on this “Wise” analytical technology.

Thus the concept of SmartWisecities, SmartWisevillages,   SmartWisecounties,  SmartWisestates and SmartWisecountries are, by their composition, that for which we have struggled throughout the existence of time.

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