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Advance Technologies

Smart Tech systems

We are a full service   company with the goal of   maintaining ongoing service   relationships. We supply   more than products: we   provide confidence,   reliability, and ongoing   expert assistance.  

To help you evaluate us, we   offer a free on--site   inspection of your facility   including a schematic of   your plant and list of major   components.  

The free analysis will offer   suggestions for operational   and cost effective   adjustments. The   suggestions are yours to use   without obligation. 

SmartWise Alert

Holidays, vacations, illness.  emergencies. Smart alert assures that your facility, whether your system is staffed or not staffed, is monitored 24/7/365.

Facilities are not staffed due to:

Times when regulatory agencies do not require staffing.

Unavailability of financial resources for 24/7 staffing.

Efficiency of operations.

SmartWise CSO(Combined Sewer Overflow)

Precise, accurate control of and reporting of CSO occurrences.

SmartWise Chlorination

Continuous monitoring of   chlorine residual and adjusting   of chlorine feeding based on   actual flows and plant dynamic tank volumes  

SmartWise Dechlorination

Following the principles of Smart Chlorination to produce chemical cost reduction and minimization of toxic byproducts.

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